High protein, grain free pellet for optimising muscle growth, development & recovery

Highly palatable and digestible feed for supporting horses in work and mature horses. Ideal for fast growing foals, yearlings through to full maturity, barren & brood mares.

Premium grade grain-free pellet, suitable for horses intolerant to cereal grain, including those prone to laminitis.

Contains an equine specific premix supplying essential minerals, trace minerals (in a combination of organic and in organic forms), fat and water soluble vitamins.

It contains high quality natural sources of protein to help supply essential amino acids that help support muscle development, cell renewal, tissue, and muscle recovery.

Designed as an ‘easy to use’ pellet to enhance digestibility and consistent dispersion when mixed with other feeds. Can be used in conjunction with any type of feeding regime to support nutrient consistency.

Nutritional Information
Protein (%)
Fat (%)
Fibre (%)
Digestible Energy (Mj/Kg)
Salt Maximum (%)


Cracked lupins, soymeal, lucerne meal, dicalcium phosphate, Molafos EZ Glo, calcium carbonate (limestone), canola oil, salt and ECS Nutrition premix.

Additional Information
Weight 14 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 cm
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