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Castlereagh Equine Feed Range

All Natural” feed range – promoting optimal health

Quality control – Feedsafe Accredited

High quality ingredients

Formulations to suit all disciplines

Well balanced, concentrated & consistent

Supplies a highly concentrated equine specific vitamin and mineral premix

Helps to simplify the feed room – chaff included in some formulations

Equine Product Catalogue

Entry Level Feeds

CoolShine Stockfeed


EconoCool Stockfeed


Horse & Dairy Stockfeed

Horse & Dairy

Equestrian Level Feeds


ConditionMore Stockfeed



ShineMore Stockfeed




WinMore Stockfeed


Professional Level Feeds



ProBalance Stockfeed


Proteenavite Zero

Proteenavite Edge

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Choosing the Right Feed

Product Suitable for… Form Description
Cool balancing mix
All disciplines including horses with laminitis or other metabolic diseases Mixed feed Does not contain cereal grains
A highly palatable blend of roughage, high-quality protein sources, and essential nutrients.
May be used as a base feed for all horses.
Complete High
Fibre Pellets
For older horses Pellet Oats-free
 Supplies fibre, conditioning cereal grains, high-quality protein meal and essential nutrients to support optimal weight for the aged horse. For a grain free option, refer to SuperCool Mix.
Horse Fattening
Horses requiring improved body condition Pellet Coat, body and muscle conditioning formula with added essential nutrients.
Now Show Horse
Coming soon
Show horses requiring a cool, conditioning feed Mixed feed Oat-free,
 supplying fibre, slow-release energy sources, high-quality protein and essential nutrients to promote coat condition.
Stud Mix
Sport and performance horses Mixed feed Supplies fibre, a blend of barley and oats with added high-quality protein sources and essential nutrients for horses in moderate work
Molasses Grain Mix
Performance horses, pre- training, spelling Mixed feed Oats-free. Higher energy grain mix with added high-quality protein sources and essential nutrients for horses in work
Complete breeding pellet
Growing and breeding horses Also suitable for spelling horses Pellet Supplies slow-release energy to promote optimal growth rates, high quality protein for muscle development and milk quality in lactating mares and essential nutrients.
High Protein
Pasture balancer for growing, breeding and adult horses Concentrated pellet Does not contain cereal grain. High protein balancer pellet for all horses supplying high-quality protein for muscle development, concentrated levels of essential nutrients for bone and hoof health, as well as fatty acids for improved coat condition.
Complete show Pellet
Show and performance horses Pellet Oats-free Supplies slow-release energy and high-quality protein meals and essential nutrients
New Product coming soon
Race horses Mixed feed A high energy grain mix with added high-quality protein and essential nutrients for horses in heavy work
ProZero Race horses Mixed feed Oats-free A high energy oat free formulation with high quality protein meal and essential nutrients for horses in heavy work.
Pony Stud Mix
Multi Purpose Mixed feed All natural cool grain mix formula. Is a comprehensive feed including chaff, grain and vitamin and mineral supplements. It is a no fuss way to feed a paddock of various animals that need a nutritional boost.
Horse & Dairy Multi Purpose Mixed feed Highly palatable all round feed with steam rolled barley for cool, conditioning energy.
Added oats as a highly digestible energy source and cracked corn as an energy supplement.
Econocool Multi Purpose Pellet All natural economical multi purpose feed. Added essential vitamins and minerals, including key electrolytes sodium and chloride, lysine based amino acids for improved protein absorption , calcium for stronger bones and biotin for healthier hooves.