“The K Ranch Quarter Horses are bred and trained predominately for roping and western disciplines; they need to have strength, stamina and be relaxed but ready to go at a moment’s notice. Their nutrition and health is something we take very seriously. When looking for the perfect feed it needed to provide the K Ranch horses with all the nutritional support to ensure they are in peak condition, perform at their best and recover quickly.


The K Ranch horses have been on Castlereagh Feed Pro Show Pellet for over a year, we quickly noticed improvement in how the horses looked; their coats were shiny, their hooves strong, they were bright in the eye and overall looked a million bucks. Even more importantly they had improved energy and stamina but remained calm and became more trainable resulting in improved performance and results in the pen.


Over the years we have tried many feeds and products and none have ever delivered results like Pro Show. As a pellet, we have found it extremely easy to feed and palatable and are reassured the horses nutritional needs are being met as it contains a premium vitamin and mineral mix.”

K Ranch Quarter Horses

Hello, my name is Paul Cooper from Oscarville clydesdale stud in Werombi, thought you might like some feedback on one of your products (show horse and pony).


We have prepared all of our show horses on your product this season and are more than happy with the results, the horses gained condition very quickly and are a picture of health as you can see from the attached photo of our 2yo colt Oscarville Pegasus.


We intend to keep using your product for show prep in the future.

Paul Cooper

Just want to say how happy I am with the ConditionMore feed! We’ve been
trying different feeds over the last 3 years of the drought and I happened
to pick up a bag at our local ag n vet when they started stocking it 6-12
months ago.


Won’t go back the horses love it and are doing well considering the
conditions it’s not super expensive like some and don’t have to feed a huge
amount for results! Congratulations on a quality and economical feed. We’ve
been feeding everything from broodmares and foals to Polocrosse horses and
they never missed a beat Thank you for a great product.

Katrina Walker

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