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Nutrition Services

Equine Consulting Services offers a unique service for breeders, trainers and owners throughout Australia and overseas.

Our objectives are to apply scientific principles and methods to:


  • Improve the productivity, health and performance of breeding and racing horses;
  • Contribute to the economic efficiency and sustainability of stud farms and training establishments.

Principal consultant, Dr Caroline Foote has extensive experience in both equine research and the equine industry with a Ph.D. from the University of Sydney, in addition to a Master’s degree in Applied Science and a Bachelor Degree in Agricultural Science with Honours.


Our services include:

Evaluation of Feeding Programs

An independent nutritional consulting service is available allowing for evaluation and optimal reformulation of rations for improved health and performance.

Herd Improvement

Through our research and collaborations with veterinarians and universities, we strive to improve broodmare and stallion productivity, foal growth and development and racehorse performance, and reduce the incidence of disease and injury through improved feeding programs and management strategies.

Pasture / Grain Monitoring

In situations where pasture or raw grains make up the bulk of a feeding program, samples may be routinely tested for nutrient profiles to ensure feeding programs remain optimal.

Feed Cost Management

Cost benefit analyses may be conducted when devising and evaluating feeding programs, providing an indication of feed costs on a per horse per day basis. Strategies to minimise costs are advised.

Customised Formulations

Products may be specifically formulated for incorporation into feeding programs and are based on actives which have been scientifically shown to promote the health and performance of horses.

Information Transfer

We are committed to the continual transfer of information from research projects to our clients

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Professional Equine Product Range

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