Stakka Bins


  • Australian Made and Designed
  • Vermin Proof
  • Convenient – no empty bags to dispose of
  • No Wastage
  • Holds approximately 1 tonne of feed
  • Safe and Durable

Professional Equine Product Range

Castlereagh Feeds are one of the leading manufacturers of food and supplements for the equine industry.


Castlereagh products are 100% Australian Made and Owned.


Complete Pellet for breed horses, lactating mares, foals, weanlings and stallions.


A protein, mineral, trace mineral and vitamin concentrate for stud farms and spelling operations.


Barley based for the cool long lasting energy needed for hard working, intellectually taxing performance horses.

Entry Level, Equestrian, Professional and Performance Products


Castlereagh Feeds has an extensive range of equine products to suit your needs.

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Our all natural products are made from 100% Australian grown produce

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