Nutrition Centre

Castlereagh Feeds leading the way in horse and health nutrition

You are what you eat, and so are your horses. At Castlereagh Feeds we jampack our bags with loads of natural goodness and freshness. We use only the best quality Australian grown, all natural, wholesome grains and use only high-quality steam cut lucerne chaff and lucerne meal. You and your horse deserve only the best, so why not try one of our great tasting feeds, ensuring a happy and healthy animal.


Processing is minimal to help every grain hold its’ natural goodness that can be lost through over processing, cooking or extruding. Our gentle steam pelleting process locks in the natural nutrition for easier digestion and absorption.


To obtain FeedSafe® accreditation, feed manufacturers are required to undergo annual site audits, these being conducted by independent third-party food safety auditors.


FeedSafe® is a program aimed at increasing the commitment of the Australian stock feed industry to quality assurance and risk mitigation in the manufacture and use of animal feeds. The SFMCA through FeedSafe® has recognised the need for a broader industry approach to feed and food safety and is providing greater security of supply to Australia’s livestock industries. Feed manufacturers are required to implement HACCP as part of their accreditation.