There is nothing quite like the taste of freshly produced home grown eggs. So, you want your birds to be happy, healthy and in full lay? Whether the birds are bed and kept for egg, hatchery (breeders) or meat production, they need to be provided with a complete ration with all the needed nutrients available in the quantities necessary. Castlereagh FEED n FIRE premium layer pellets are formulated with economy & quality in mind. Our goal at Castlereagh is to produce products that deliver exactly what we promise. Our pellets are gently steamed, agglomerated and compacted to capture the maximum nutritional value for your birds. Castlereagh's highly controlled steaming and pelleting process gently unlocks the essential vitamins, minerals and proteins helping to keep your birds healthy and laying all year round. So if it is the HEALTHY CHOICE you want for your birds then trust only a Castlereagh Feeds pellet.

Suggested Minimum Daily Protein Intake. You are what you eat, and so are your birds. At Castlereagh we jam-pack our bags with loads of natural goodness and freshness. Feeding can be complicated; age, breed, gender, season, bird weight, pen temperature, rates of production, diesease problems can all effect any diet. We recommend a complete care regime which includes a minimum of worming, plenty of available fresh water and veterinarian check ups.

Bran, pollard, corn, soybean meal, lupins, lucerne meal, dolomite, salt and Castlereagh Feeds' Vitamin & Mineral premix.